Full Time MBA

Choose The NANYANG MBA if you're seeking :
a rapid promotion in your chosen career and industry
a truly global MBA, with strong focus on Asia
to be where the action is, the most dominant economy - Asia
the tools and techniques to succeed as an entrepreneur and run your own business
Course Duration :
16 months (4 trimesters)
Course Start :
August  every year  (one intake only)
Curriculum :
A Pre Term Programme* + 9 core courses + 7 functional electives + 1 flexi-course  (either a dissertation, an international  business study mission or 2 courses)

A Pre Term Programme consists of

(a) Online preparatory courses
(b) Intensive English course
(c) Skills enhancement courses

(General or with Specialisation)
The NANYANG MBA (General or with Specialisation)
Period of Study 16 months
(4 trimesters)
24 months to 32 months
(6 to 8 trimesters)
12 months 24 months (approx) 24 months (approx)
Location of Study Singapore Singapore Singapore & Japan Singapore &France Singapore & Switzerland
Application fee S$80 S$80 S$80 S$80 S$80
Enrolment fee* S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000
Programme fee** S$55,000 S$55,000 S$63,000^ S$55,000
(tuition fee is also payable to host university in the event of an imbalance in exchange ratio)
Double Masters : SIM

Payable to NTU : S$55,000
Payable to St. Gallen : CHF2340 (approx. S$3,000)

Double MBA 
Payable to NTU: S$27,500
Payable to St.Gallen: CHF 60,000

See Samplae Calender

Application Process

Only complete applications are processed. An application is deemed complete only if the following are met :

completion of on-line application form
payment of application fee, and
receipt of all supporting documents.


Use our online application system to apply (and after applying, to check your application status). The system walks you through the required steps, including electronically submitted transcripts, referees report. Your completed application should demonstrate strong intellectual capability, solid career progression, professional achievements and leadership potential.

The declaration of personal objectives and the essay questions are an important part of your application- thus should articulate your thoughts clearly. It is important to answer all the questions, using good judgment with respect to the length (number of words). An optional question is availabel for you to present any additional info help the ADCom make informed decisions on your application.

Apply or Check Status

Step2 : Application Fee & Mode of Payment

The application fee of S$80 may be paid via one of the following modes :

Cheque/bank draft payable to 'Nanyang Technological University'. Your full name and address must be written on the reverse side of the cheque/bank draft. For international applicants, please pay by bank draft with clearing bank in Singapore.

Via Visa/Mastercard. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable and an application received without attached payment will not be processed.

Step3 : Submit your supporting documents.

NOTE : In order to ensure that your documents are received in order, please upload ALL your supporting documents (except referee's reports which needs to be sent from your referees' official e-mail address) by clicking the link here


  Supporting Documents Required Remarks
1 Resume Concise document no more than 3 pages, briefly explaining the description of your responsibilities and your accomplishments
2 Passport-size photo Color photo required.(send in  high resolution jpeg format)
3 GMAT score report Send a scanned copy of your test scores. The institution code for GMAT score submission for Nanyang is V24-ZV-13

English proficiency score report.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language; institution code 9705).

IELTS score (International English Language Testing System), or

PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic)

Send a scanned copy of your test scores.
Applicants are required to take one of these tests if English was not the medium of instruction at tertiary level.

A complete command of English language, including proficiency in reading, writing and speaking is a must.
5 Two (2) Referees Reports [Download Referee Report Form] Download the official referees' report and send to your referees to fill up. They will then send to us the completed referrees' reports, via email to mba.admissions@ntu.edu.sg using the referees official (company) e-mail address, indicating designation and contact details of the referees .

Reports submitted in other template will not be accepted.
6 Company Approval [Download Company Approval Form] (Applies to part-time applicants only)
7 Other Supporting Documents Required :

Scanned copies of the following :

a. Degree Scroll(s) and Transcript(s) of academic records from each    university attended (must be in English, otherwise an official English    translation must be provided)
b. GCE 'A' Level Certificate or pre-university or high school certificate    (university entrance exam results)
c. Professional Membership Certificates, if any
d. NRIC/Passport/Citizenship Certificate/Documentary proof of    Singapore Permanent Resident Status (eg. Re-entry Permit)

e. Documentary evidence of Immigration Pass (e.g. Employment Pass or     Dependant's Pass) issued by the Singapore Immigration &     Checkpoints Authority (ICA) . Note : Applicable only to foreign     applicants working or living in Singapore.

Application Status

If you have any difficulty, please contact the Admissions Office at nbsmba@ntu.edu.sg or call :
+65 6790 6183 / +65 6790 4835.

NOTE : For the Status of your application, if you receive a Deny status, we apologize to not being able to provide you an explanation except that when you receive such status, it does not mean you are not good or outstanding, it is just somebody we feel is a better fit for the program. The selection process is contingent on the quality of the applying cohort.


Financing and financial aid options are available to all students, including international students. Educational loans are offered to local and permanent residents. A variety of scholarships and need-based grants are available to all students who are eligible.

Financial Aid

If you are a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident, you may contact one of the following institutions for study loan :

Bank Loans

The NANYANG MBA has made arrangements with some leading banks for education loans that offer optimal lending terms to eligible applicants, up to 100% of the tuition fees. Please contact directly our partner banks below :

  The application must be with a joint applicant who is a Singaporean or Singapore PR.

Please contact the following staff for more information:

Leonard Lee Shenglie
Personal Finance Executive
Direct Banking Channel
Consumer Banking Maybank Tower
Tel: (65) 6550 7096
HP: (65) 9875 4647
Email: sllee@maybank.com.sg
  Application is open for Singaporean or Singapore PR, between the age of 21 and 62 (as at end of loan tenure). More information here.

Please contact the following staff for more information:

Yvonne Leow 9637 9591 / 6320 0200

Joanne Toh 9646 1214 / 6320 0688


Do you offer a general MBA programme?
Yes. Besides the General MBA, we also offer Specialised MBAs in Accountancy, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Strategy Technology, &Knowledge Management and the Double Masters.

Is this full-time or part-time programme?
The NANYANG MBA is available both in full-time and part-time.

For Double Masters, only full-time option is available.

Do you have a distance learning programme?

How much is your programme fees?
SGD$55,000 for full-time or part-time mode; payable over 4 trimesters and 6 trimesters respectively.

What is the period of study for your MBA programmes?
(General / Specialized)
Full Time
Part Time
16 months
(4 tri)
24-32 months
(6-8 tri)
Full Time
Full Time
12 months
24 months

What is your academic calendar like?
There are 3 trimesters in one academic year. Please click here for detailed schedule.

What are the course requirements and subjects available?
Please refer to the Curriculum here.

Where are the classes conducted?
The classes are either conducted at the main campus in Jurong or the downtown Executive Centre at one-north (off North Buona Vista Road).
 Minimum Entry Requirements
What are the minimum entry requirements to the NANYANG MBA?
  • A Bachelor's degree;
  • At least two years work experience;
  • A good GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) score
    The institution code for NTU is V24-ZV-13;
  • A good TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score if English was not the medium of instruction at tertiary level. The institution code is 9705.

I do not have a Bachelor's degree. Will you consider me if I have professional qualification only (e.g. ACCA, Diploma)?

I have recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree and do not have any / less than 2 years working experience. Will my application beconsidered?

I am self-employed / running a family business since graduatingwith a Bachelor's degree. Will my application be considered?
Yes, if you have been doing so for at least 2 years.
How many intakes do you have per year?
One, which commences in August.

How do I apply?
Applications are online. Only online applications are accepted.

When should I submit the application form?
Application open in October. The deadlines for application are as follow:

Round 1 : 31 December 2011
Round 2 : 30 March 2012*

*deadline has been extended

If you are applying for scholarships, take note of the scholarship deadlines.

What documents must I submit to support my application?
Please refer to the checklist here.

How much is the application fee?
S$80. Please pay online or by cheque. For international participants, please pay online or a bank draft with the clearing bank in Singapore and not by cheque.

What will I do after submitting my application?
Applications will be reviewed and a notification email will be sent to you to acknowledge your application completeness. You need not e-mail us during this busy period.

Assessment begins after the application deadline of each round. You will be notified if you have been shortlisted for an interview within 6 weeks after the application deadline of the round which you applied to.

How do I check status of my application?
You may check your application status using the online system.

What is GMAT?
Graduate Management Admission Test. It is a test to assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management. Please note that our NTU code no is V24-ZV-13.

Is GMAT compulsory?
Yes. Therefore, you are strongly advised to take the GMAT early so as not to delay the processing of your applications. The institution code for NTU is V24-ZV-13. A good GMAT score will be viewed favourably in the assessment of the application.

What is the acceptable score for GMAT?
600 and above.

Can I submit my GMAT score report at a later date?
Yes. Please submit your application online application (you may indicate the date of your GMAT test, if any) first and send your unofficial GMAT score report once you have taken the test. But note that assessment will only begin upon completeness of your supporting documents.

How long is my GMAT score valid?
5 years from test date. Therefore, a score obtained after August 2006 is valid for 2011 admission.

Do you accept the GRE score?
GRE can only replace GMAT scores only if your country does not have a GMAT test centre.

Is TOEFL mandatory? Can I ask to be exempted?
TOEFL is mandatory if English is not your native tongue or if the medium of instructions in tertiary studies (undergraduate degree) was not exclusively in English.

What is an acceptable TOEFL score?
At least 600 for paper-based, 250 for computer-based and above 100 for internet-based tests. The institution code is 9705.

How long is my TOEFL score valid?
2 years from test date. Therefore, a score obtained after August 2009 is valid for 2011 admission.

Can I substitute IELTS for TOEFL?
Yes, we accept IELTS as a substitute for TOEFL. The minimum acceptable band score is 6.5.
 Referee Report
How many referee reports are required?
Two (2). All reports must be submitted in The NANYANG MBA template.

Who can be my referee(s)?
  • Your immediate supervisors or personnel of higher position in your present or past employers
  • University Instructors
  • Business Associates (For Self-employed only)

Can I submit the referee report by hard / soft copy?
Both types are acceptable. The report can be hand or type written.

For hard copy, the signature of the referee must be by hand. Please indicate your application number on the envelope when posting your referees report.

For soft copy, the email must be sent by the referee’s company or organisation offical email address. Your referee may send in the referee report via email to mba.admissions@ntu.edu.sg with your full name and application number on the subject header.

 Financial Aids & Scholarship
Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes. you may apply for more than one scholarships. For the list of scholarships available, please refer here

How do I apply for the scholarships?
Application is easy. Just tick on the box next to the scholarship of your choice in the same form when you make your online application to the programme. There are no separate forms for scholarship application.

To be considered for scholarship, application and full supporting documents must be submitted before the respective scholarships deadline.